Monday, April 6, 2015

Gangaur Festival & Easter

Gangaur Festival

All of my friends in India always are teaching me new things. A few weeks ago, our friends Isilda and Patrice took us to see the Gangaur Festival outside Tripoli gate in the Pink City.  We sat in the rooftop designated for foreigners. It's one of the few perks of being an expat...the seating is free, they give you sweets and water, and you get the best view.  This festival is for young women who worship Lord Shiva, in hopes of being blessed with a good husband. (It's my recommendation they try going on a date or signup for eHarmony, but what do I know...)

Easter Weekend

This weekend I was so happy to share something new with my friends... the awesome tradition of coloring Easter eggs!  My mom sent us the dyeing kit, and it arrived just in time. We had a great time coloring the eggs, preparing for the EB's arrival.

On Easter Sunday, we all had a delicous lunch at Roberto and Marcela's home  Our eggs made a beautiful centerpiece.  Good food, great friends, nothing is better!