Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Makar Sankranti

On January 14 we celebrated Makar Sankranti, or "The Kite Festival" for those of us still working on our Hindi skills. This holiday is particularly popular in Jaipur, especially within the walls of the Pink City.

My friends and I were invited to our friend Dilip's home to experience the kite festival in the true Indian way...surrounded by wonderful hospitality, delicious food, and great company. Oh, and kites of course!

I wish my pictures could depict how many kites there really were. They were everywhere!
We were on the rooftop of Dilip's home, so we had the best view.

The cook preparing lots of dishes

Some of our favorite snacks....on the left are sweets. One reminds me of the center of a Butterfinger and the other tastes like honey.
On the right is a savory & spicy fried snack dipped in Ketchup 
Dilip & Gabriel flying kites 

These kites stuck in the tree pretty much sum the whole day up. 

I could rant about how the kites contribute to the pollution, and how so many animals are injured from being strangled by the string or choking on it. But thinking about that just ticks me off, so let's not go there...

Being invited into our friends home really was the best way to experience this holiday. Can't complan about great friends and food! 

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