Friday, August 29, 2014

Myths about Expat Life

While Matt and I were back in the U.S., we often heard people tell us "I could never do what you're doing", as if we are doing the impossible (which we're not).  This got me thinking that despite my efforts to explain my life here in India (the good, the bad, the frustrating...), there are several myths about expat life that simply aren't true.   

I came across a fellow expat blogger in Burundi, Africa, who has explained it so well that I have to re-post it here.

If you're an expat and have any more thoughts on this, please comment below!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend. We are finally enjoying a break from the 100 degree temps, and plan to make good use of it!


  1. I agree with Long Miles post completely. My biggest struggle was probably the total lack of peanut butter when I lived in Greece (sob!) although I'm grateful I didn't have to go through anything worse (like a medical emergency in a foreign country.)

    Also, idk if it's because I'm on my phone but I wasn't able to find your article, and I'd really like to read it :)

  2. Hi Georgia,
    Wow! Greece sounds like a great adventure!
    I can't believe there's no peanut butter! I have to admit though, I did pack a big suitcase full of food to bring to India a few weeks ago. :)

    I never posted my own myths about Expats because I felt like LM said it so well! But obviously, living in India is different than Africa and has its own challenges...I am attempting to live my life from a more positive perspective, so "reasons being an expat is awesome" may be in the future. :)

  3. Those 5 myths about expat living are entirely true. Especially the part about family. Missing out on the smallest things, like just hanging out and enjoying an evening in together with a mass family gathering - it's tough. But hey, we all have one life to live, and we gotta make the most of it, right?