Thursday, July 31, 2014

Explaining the Expat Life

Life is a nice "normal" here in Chicago, with no crazy stories to report.

To fill my lack of anything interesting to share, I found two articles which do a good job of explaining my expatriate life.

17 Things that Change Forever when you Live Abroad

Why you Should Move to a New City Where you Don't Know a Single Soul

Both of these articles do a great job describing things that I sometimes don't have the words for.  I have been lucky enough to spend so much time with family and friends in Chicago this summer, but I have been asked the inevitable question of "So how do you like India" more times that I can count. It's so hard to explain because my life there is so different than anything you can compare it to in the U.S.

Hopefully these articles help to understand what I mean to say when you ask me how I like India!

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