Monday, June 23, 2014

Girls Trip to Paris

I just returned from an amazing trip with my mom and sisters! We met halfway between India and the U.S. in Paris and then Athens.

Our trip was filled with sight seeing, great food, and lots and lots of walking. I am certain that the saying "up-hill, both ways" comes from Athens. But at least with all that walking I could have that extra croisant or piece of baklava. :)

For four girls, sharing two of the world's smallest hotel rooms and one confusing map, we got along pretty well and now have some wonderful memories.

Here are some of the highlights from Paris!

I believe this is a government building. We passed it on our first day while strolling through the 3rd Arr.

Inside the Notre Dame

On the walk to Basilica de Sacre Couer

Since the line for the elevator at the Eiffel Tower is always insanely long, we opted for the stairs. No wait, but never ending steps!

Picnic @ the Eiffel Tower

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