Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monkey Palace

Yesterday Matt and I had a great adventure in Jaipur! We went to the Monkey Palace, which has been on our to do list since we got here. We pass the entrance every morning on the way to Matt's work and my school; it's only about 15 minutes from our apartment.  It consists of a stone path that switchbacks up the side of a small mountain and back down. At the top of the mountain is the Sun Temple, dedicated to the Sun God, and at the bottom is the Monkey Temple, appropriately named for the hundreds of monkeys everywhere!

Cars can't go up this path, only rickshaws and aparently motorcycles, so we decided to walk. It is the best way to experience all the monkeys. Immediately after getting out of the car we were swarmed with men trying to get us to pay them as tour guides (Ajay warned us this would happen).  There are times where I appreciate a professional tour guide, but I don't need a local kid to help me walk, or protect me from monkeys - that's what Matt is for. As soon as we started on the uphill path, there were monkeys everywhere! There were pigs, cows, and goats too, but I see those up close every day.

The pigs are the greediest animal in India.  They grow to be HUGE, hogging all the food (garbage) from other animals.  I see cows and horses with their ribs showing, but the pigs are always as fat as possible.

Anyways...there were monkeys absolutely everywhere! I was nervous they would be hostile and get too close expecting us to feed them. At the entrace you can buy peanuts and other things to give to the monkeys. They are also fed bananas from the fruit vendors. But they didn't seem to be too interested in us. They were busy picking bugs off each other.

A view of Jaipur from near the top.

Some goats going for a stroll.  Little do they know that next week is the muslim holiday Eid, and millions of goats will be sacrificed. Sorry goats.

There's Ajay in the background. He parked his car at the other side of this hill and met us at the top. The top is where the Sun Temple is, overlooking the city.

More bug picking....I felt a little itchy when we left.

Matt LOVED feeding the monkeys. He said this was the best experience he has had here yet.

These pools of water contain holy water. Many people pilgramage here to bathe in the water.

And just in case you were sick of seeing monkeys....

Yesterday was a really fun experience to see all the monkeys, and was good photography practice. Those monkeys move fast!

We still have a long list of things to see and do here, so many more photos to come. :)

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